Divided by 2 floors the TreeHouse space works in openspace (now ). Each user has a desk with 150x75cm, ergonomic chair and shelf for archiving. Access to the building between 7 to 24h in the week. Includes 100 credits in copies and 10 hours of meeting room, monthly.
* Prices without VAT


The Boxes are five private rooms. Each user has a 150x75cm standing desk, professional ergonomic chair, a drawer module, a bookcase and a locker. Access to the building is between 7h and 24h / 7days per week. Includes 500 credits in copies and 15 hours of meeting room, monthly.
* Prices without VAT

Additional Information

300m2 of area

We are located in an old warehouse, fully recovered, full of light and with 300m2 of area. With capacity to accommodate 42 coworkers, we have common spaces for leisure and more formal places to receive their customers.

Professional Internet

We have a professional 1G fiber internet with a dedicated line, allowing you to work without fail, thus maximizing your working time

Dedicated Desk

There is a 150x75cm desk, equipped with a high-end ergonomic chair to work comfortably, as well as a drawer module, a bookcase and a private locker.

No Loyalty programme

LexoCoworking does not require loyalty. We understand that flexibility is an important factor for freelancers and small businesses.


Every day of the week, during working hours, a responsible person will be at your disposal to assist you in any matter.

Meeting Room

We have 2 meeting rooms, duly equipped to comfortably welcome guests.

7 to 21h Week Access

You can access the space between 7 until 24h / a week, allowing the total flexibility of your work schedule.

Professional Printer

We have a professional A4 / A3 printer (multifunction) and we offer monthly copy credits.

Receipt of correspondence

We allow the use of the address for commercial purposes. You can then receive your mail directly at the office

Shared Kitchen

You can use the kitchen to heat your meals or to conserve your food. We provide economical meals on request.

Relaxing Areas

Enjoy the social and dining room for a short break whether it’s to rest, socialize, or even to an informal meeting.

Cleaning Service

We offer a weekly cleaning service so that all spaces are kept clean and organized.


We have a gym where you can attend Pilates classes or functional training. Classes organized for small groups are held at lunch time or at the end of the day.
* Lessons not included in the models.


Founded in 2013 the LexoCoworking, is a space of coworking next to the beach of Matosinhos created to think about the freelancers and the startups. We look for a different way of working, in a family environment, but with the professionalism that a company demands. Here you can develop your work in a shared way and expand your network of professional and social contacts.

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    Rua Roberto Ivens nº288
    Matosinhos, Portugal

    Phone +351 229372057


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    Frequented ask Questions

    • In a space like LexoCoworking you will find an innovative place based on a creative environment. You can work with people from different areas, socialize and broaden your network always in a quiet and respectful environment. You can fight the isolation of work at home, which is full of constant distractions freeing you from many tasks and thus be focused exclusively on work. A space like this will give you flexibility without compromising on extended contracts and will achieve a reduction of costs in regular expenses.

    • Upon receipt of a new member, a set of keys and the alarm device is delivered and a term relating to conduct responsibility is signed. For use between 24h and 8h it is necessary to communicate the intention to use in this period.

    • Yes. Each user has several spaces to leave their equipment or documentation.
      However, this responsibility is always borne by each user.
      We always care for Space security. We require that all new members submit identification, and sign the term committing themselves to responsible use. In addition there is during working hours a person in charge, we have a security grid, alarm system linked to the police and a permanent video surveillance service.

    • Teamwork is often necessary for this purpose.
      we have rooms for these situations. From the moment the meeting room of which they have 10h a month.
      Working together is not allowed on the desk.

    • We are in Matosinhos on Rua Roberto Ivens location with great access from the A4 / A28 / Avenida Brazil or Mobile Bridge. If you want to use the metro we are 2 minutes from Brito Capelo station.

    • There are several parking options, 1min for various values. If you want an economic solution you can get a monthly payment in a covered park and watched from € 25 or € 1 day at 10min walk from Lexocoworking. In addition there are several places of meters always available very useful to receive customers

    • All our rooms and spaces are exclusively for coworking, varying in capacity between 2places and 10places. As a company you can always rent all the places in a room.

    • Especially those who work remotely need to use the phone or skype.
      In a coworking space this is a factor that is globally accepted and can do so punctually in your workplace. However, for longer calls you should use the meeting room or common spaces.

    • Yes, we have a shared kitchen and a dining space. You can bring your food for lunch because we have all the utensils to do it.
      If you wish, you can also request for lunch that we arrange lunch. The menu is sent monthly.